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The Corporate Contender is a program for men and women, aged 30 to 65, who are looking for a life challenge that will step them out of the norm of their everyday routine and into a realm that will bring the warrior out of them.

Paul Briggs had a career as a fighter that is unparalleled by anyone. He rose to the heights of World Champion status. He fought in battles that took him to extremes in endurance, courage and mind control that very few humans have ever had the ability to face. In March 2018 Paul was inducted into the Australian Boxing Hall of Fame for all his contributions to the sport of Boxing.

The Corporate Contender consists of 10 weeks of intense training where Paul will teach you his boxing technique. At the end of the 10 week program participants will step into the ring to do combat with another of the program’s participants on a Jamie Myer promoted Fight Night event.

The 10 week program is a simulation of the camp Paul completed in 2005 at high altitude in the mountains of California before each of his Light Heavyweight WBC World Championship bouts against Tomasz Adamek. It is designed to introduce you to the art of boxing, get you fitter and healthier and change your mindset. The result will be a new you! You will become the warrior!

Since completing his career as a professional Paul Briggs has gone on to train the art of boxing to other pros and amateurs alike. He also continues to work with non-professional people who are looking at getting fitter and healthier through boxing training in a one-on-one capacity. He teaches and consults to a variety of clients from young school-aged boys through to other fighters and professionals who seek his comprehensive knowledge of boxing to apply in their everyday practice. The Corporate Contender gives the opportunity for men and women to participate and train in an intensive program to gain the benefits of Paul’s training methods both physically and mentally in a shorter timeframe. You will be transformed in all facets of life and leave the program as a men and women of calm certainty.

Corporate Contender Gold Coast 2 – starting May 21 2018 for both Men and Women.

To register your interest to participate in the Corporate Contender program please complete the form with your details. We will be in touch with you to talk about your registration to participate and to attend the training facilities at Miami where Paul will outline in detail the program, what is required for you to participate and what he will deliver.

What you get from Corporate Contender

  • 10 weeks of training at a professional boxing gym. The 10 weeks includes the first 2 weeks of pre-training to get you physically ready to complete program
  • You get to experience learning and training Boxing from an athlete who scaled the heights of his field to world status
  • Upon conclusion of your training you get to have a fight experience with another participant matched to your level and capabilities
  • You will gain all the benefits from training up to 8 times per week both mentally and psychically
  • We will show you how Boxing will help you overcome obstacles and fears that seem insurmountable in your personal and working life
  • You will be fully equiped with a ‘kit’ that includes Gloves, wraps, shorts and more to keep and use

How much does Corporate Contender cost?

  • The program has a complete cost of $1900
  • This is broken up into a $400 deposit when you sign up and $150 every week of the program
  • We have payment plan options available upon request

Fill in the form so we can contact you about getting you in the next programme starting May 21

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Our last season of Corporate Contender was a great success for all those who undertook the challenge. Here’s just a few of the guys and what they had to say about their experience

Fill in the form so we can contact you about getting you in the next programme starting May 21

Corp Contender registration

For more information connect or contact Paul Briggs: Phone: 0404 726 530 Email: Facebook: Instagram:

The Corporate Contender